Where’s your backup when you need it?

BACKUP-AS-A-SERVICE Insurance, we all have it. Home insurance, motor insurance, life insurance, even pet insurance. It’s all about mitigating risk – the “what if” factor. If we are so familiar with the concept in our everyday lives, why is it … Continued

Time to resolve those IT issues

We’re a month in to 2015 already. How many of you have kept to your New Year resolutions? How many of you even bothered to make them this year? We often begin a new year with good intentions but let … Continued

Collaboration for all

As technology permeates every aspect of business, old words like collaboration have taken on new meaning. In its simplest form, collaboration is the act of working together to achieve a common goal. In the new world of Cloud Computing, collaboration … Continued

SMB disaster recovery

This week saw the Treasury unveil plans to set aside £2.3bn to fund more than 1,400 flood defence projects in the UK. It was a part of a larger set of initiatives designed to improve the UK’s infrastructure, announced ahead … Continued

Midsize Mobility

If you are in any doubt as to the impact that mobile devices have had on the way we work, just stop looking at your smartphone or tablet for a minute and look around you. See what we did there? … Continued

IT Security Is A Big Issue For Small Businesses

IT Security is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. No matter how big, or small, your company might be; failure to secure your network, the devices that access it and the data that traverses it can have wide-ranging … Continued

The Small Business technology update challenge

Napoleon once accused Britain of being a nation of shopkeepers. Well, a lot has changed since the 18th century, but some things have remained the same. Small businesses still dominate the landscape. SMALL BUSINESS, BIG IMPACT The UK economy boasts … Continued

Are you making the most of your Cloud?

2014 is set to be a landmark year for the Cloud. For the first time, it’s predicted that Cloud-based computing workloads will outnumber traditional IT. Cloud isn’t really a new technology, though we are finding new uses for it. 80% … Continued